100% Buyer Guarantee

100% Buyer Guarantee if - You will receive a 100% refund for your tickets if: Your order was accepted but not delivered by the seller. Your order was accepted but not delivered in time for the event. Your tickets were not valid for entry. (1)But we do not stop there. You also have our 100% Money Back Guarantee if: Your event is cancelled and is not rescheduled. (2)You can purchase your tickets with peace of mind knowing we have you covered. Once your order is placed, all you have to do is get ready for the fun times headed your way when the event day arrives. Notes: (1) Verifiable proof must be provided in letter form from the venue. Written or stamped "voids" do not constitute verifiable proof. (2) 100% refund for a cancelled event does not include shipping. Our confidence in the sellers that list tickets on our exchange allows us to offer you this guarantee.